Athens Concert Hall - 20 Years

The Athens Concert Hall represents the vision and hard work of a group of enlightened individuals: Alexandra Trianti, Lambros Eftaxias and, above all, Christos Lambrakis. A remarkable personality, with an exceptional combination of imagination and practical ability, Lambrakis was an inspiration and a model for all those involved in the creation of the Concert Hall. ...

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Christos Lambrakis

Athens Concert Hall: the realization of a dream

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The first twenty years
When the Athens Concert Hall opened in 1991 Greece acquired for the first time a state-of-the-art cultural centre of international status, which has gone on to earn considerable respect for the quality of its acoustics.

In the twenty years since it opened the Concert Hall has grown into a versatile, multi-faceted workshop of cultural and artistic activity. It has changed the way in which people in Greece listen to music. It has worked consistently to showcase the work of Greek musicians and to promote their music on the international stage. It has also designed and organized a whole range of musical and artistic education programmes for children and young people. A leading figure in these endeavors, until his death in 2009, was Christos Lambrakis, who devoted all his energy and talent to realizing the vision of the Friends of Music. ...

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The Concert Hall is celebrating its twentieth anniversary with a series of events